Friday, January 14, 2011

Sex and games for the Aged .

Saga, the holiday company stands for Social Amenities in the Golden Age but lots of people refer to this company as Sex and Games for the Aged or Send All Grannies Away. Saga do cruises...

...and this week, the aptly named cruise ship, the Spirit of Adventure, owned by a Saga sister company and with 350 elderly cruisers aboard, was steaming across the Indian Ocean when it was approached by pirates. The passengers’ black-tie dinner was interrupted as they were moved to safety in the middle of the ship.
Mrs Susie Browne, 73, a grandmother of five from Enford, Wiltshire, was among this capable crowd. She said: “Everyone was so calm. We all just sat there on the floor in full evening dress as the ship sped up to get away from the pirates. No one made a fuss.”
Mrs Browne tells us that they were even entertained in their captivity. She said: “The pianist played a bit, but thankfully not for too long.”
After about an hour, the pirates were left behind, normal dinner service was resumed and the ship continued its journey from Madagascar to Zanzibar at a more stately pace.

The pirates' speedboat came within "several hundred metres" of the the Spirit of Adventure, said the cruise ship's spokesman Paul Green. "A set of well-rehearsed procedures were put in place, including informing the relevant naval authorities and implementing security measures on board."

Guests were in the lounge for 45 minutes before the all-clear was given once the pirate ship was 10 nautical miles away. "It was within close range for 10 minutes and came within several hundred metres of the Spirit of Adventure," said Green. "There was no attempt to board and there was no firing at the ship."

...So, that beats a coach trip to Blackpool! These passengers take it in their stride and it is all a part of their holiday experience. You can still have adventures even past retirement age.

Looking forward to that, sign me up.

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