Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Silent Witness on BBC One television.

I really enjoyed watching the second part of Silent Witness on BBC One television last night. As a lover of crime thriller novels, this programme is my cup of tea. It was right for the BBC to broadcast this programme of consecutive nights. I thought this story called A Guilty Mind was well written with a very good plot. There was a lovely humour running between all the characters, which was very witty and dry. I loved the part of Naomi Silverlake, which was played by Sinead Keenan ....

... she did some lovely acting playing a very scary woman.

I look forward to the next episode of this excellent series of Silent Witness. Hopefully Sinead Keenan gets some more work on the strength of her performance as Naomi Silverlake. Well done Sinead and Timothy Prager for writing an intelligent and entertaining television programme.
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