Monday, January 03, 2011

Someone Else Will Put It Back

We all change our minds sometimes. Especially in supermarkets. There’s so many bright lights, colourful signs, and no one in their right mind is going to turn down the opportunity of 10, 000 extra reward points for a triple pack of dragon fruits they’re never going to eat. But do you ever wonder what makes someone dump a bag of popcorn in with the diced beef? Or swap a six pack of Fanta for some bleach? Honestly, just think of the poor staff who have to clean up the mess. Or maybe even the poor guy who buys a pack of frozen prawns that was left on the hot chicken counter for 48 hours before someone put them back.

This is one of my pet hates whilst shopping in supermarkets. The laziness of some people is simply beyond me. You do not go into a take-away food shop, order a meal which is then served to you and then decide you want something else. The same applies to pubs and garages, you do not order lager when you drink beer and you do not put petrol in your fuel tank if your vehicle is a diesel. Now there is a blog called Someone Else Will Put It Back for these incidents to be recorded.

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