Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jews not playing fair in London.

Football should be a pleasant game played by honest gentlemen. The players should play fair and not cheat or deceive the other team. But we all know how Jews can cheat at everything and not play by the rules. So, if you have a Jewish football team playing in the Maccabi Southern Football League, you would expect all the players in the Holy Mount Zion team to be Jewish. Sadly the Holy Mount Zion football team, based in North Acton, has been suspended from a London Jewish league for enlisting non-Jewish players. The referee realised one of their players was a Colombian banker called Javier Guevara. Mr Guevara and Polish personal trainer Mariusz Mielniczuk were registered under the names Danny Potter and Simon Laub.

Holy Mount Zion's manager, Rob Lerner, said he used the ringers because there were not enough Jewish players. He said: "I didn't have much choice. I had to, it is the only way I could get a team out." Mr Lerner added the men were "not 100 per cent comfortable" playing under false names. Rival clubs have called for the team to be expelled from the league while a further six players have been asked to prove their "Jewish origins". They include university researcher Luigi Minale, 28, from Milan, Jaime Augusto and Millan Quijano from Colombia, Guri Singer and Andres Tamayo.

This story does not speak well for the honesty of the Jews. For a Jewish team to lie just to take part in a game is hardly sporting. These tactics are dishonest and Holy Mount Zion are not playing fair. This lying attitude is bad for the game and bad for the Jewish community. It does give people something to poke fun at though!
Football might be a game for gentlemen but its played by yobs.

Conversely it often said that rugby is a game for yobs but played by gentlemen.

Not that I'm bothered taking the view if it doesn't involve an engine its not sport.

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