Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Johnny will not comment.

Not much to blog about at the moment, the news stories have been a little low. Rumours circulate all the time and my workplace is no different. On Sunday we had a staff meeting in the canteen to address concerns about the future of our company. Rumours have gone around the drivers and in the regional press that our company is going to cut back. The Unite union has been in contact with management up to national director level but the company has refused to issue a statement of it's plans or comment on press reports. We were told that John, a national director, would address staff in our depot last night at 19.30 and answer questions.

I was working until 20.30 and walked into the workshop just as the meeting was finishing. I heard nothing new and asked 2 drivers on my roster - who had been there from the beginning of the meeting - if any information had been given out as to the future of our depot. Bobby told me that John would not comment on our contract with the nationwide company. Most other questions were replied in the fashion of "I can't comment on that". So drivers were unable to get answers to their questions because Little Johnny will not comment.

Bobby has heard a rumour that our contract with the nationwide company will be transferred to another operator on the 14th March 2011. Due to the refusal by Little Johnny to fully answer questions from the drivers and his refusal to publish a statement about the future of our depot - I think deals have already been done. It is a big shame that management do not keep their staff informed, refuse to answer questions and do not publish their plans.

I think we have been deliberately kept in the dark and this secrecy stinks.
Yes Stephen, you are being kept in the dark. Veolia are leaving Wales altogether, national express have given the contracts 2 the 2 companies that u r aware of. It's a shitty way of doing things and unfair on the staff concerned, but let's b fair, only an idiot didn't c it coming.....
Yes, my mole confirmed today that Edwards is to take over everything that Veolia Cymru currently operate from May. My mole works in procurement at Birmingham. It is a certainty. Thought I would give you a nod.

TUPE will also certainly be a matter of course, so provided you don't mind transferring to another operator to continue working your Nationwide contract, you should remain employed throughout, seamlessly.
Thanks guys, I asked Mike Neve - the Unite representative - what happened with the drivers at Veolia Nottingham. He assured me that all the drivers were taken care of under TUPE legislation, although 10 wanted and got voluntary redundancy.

Hopefully TUPE will be used in this transfer of contract, as it rewards staff for their loyalty in sticking to the bitter end. Drivers will not loose their employment rights/benefits/seniority and the new operator will gain a fully trained, experienced and respected workforce with no recruitment costs.

It is not over until the fat lady sings and I do not think that the First Devon and Cornwall drivers working under contract to the nationwide company were taken care of under TUPE when the contract was transferred to Hookways.
Unfortunately, Stephen, I dont think that the company who I work for are going to use TUPE. As for unions you of all people should know better!! Not worth the monthly subscriptions!!
It appears that your colleagues are allready applying to my company before the transfer has even commenced!! Nothing is definate at the moment, its all up in the air!! Gossip, gossip, gossip!!!!!
The transfer of FDC contracts where TUPE was ignored was by Park's of Hamilton/Trathens. First Somerset and Avon drivers had the option of moving to Hookways, though you may know better than I whether they ran into any TUPE difficulties. Good luck.
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