Saturday, February 05, 2011

Press one to speak to a murderer, press two to speak to a fraudster...

Oh we all love those call centres, press one to speak to someone rather dumb, press two to for someone with poor spoken English and so on. Well in India, which is a country well known for outsourcing and call centres, there is a novel experiment for jailbirds to work in call centres.

"We have got so many computer literates and professionals in our prison," said Gopinath Reddy, director general of prisons in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Jail authorities hope that inmates will soon be just as likely to tap at a keyboard as dig vegetables, make carpets or stitch uniforms.

So, you will never quite know just what dark secrets the call centre operator has when they try to sell you something. Jailbirds will sound just the same over the telephone and you will not be able to view their body language or spot ACAB tattooed on their knuckles.
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