Friday, April 15, 2011

Are Fulham playing away?

Years ago if a friend was given a drink and the glass or mug was not full to the brim, the friend would jokingly enquire "Are Fulham playing away?". I grew up with this popular saying and have always considered it bad form to offer a person a drink with a short measure. I think it is rude to offer any drink when the glass or mug is not full.

Britvic have started a £4 million TV campaign, directed by BAFTA award-winning director Shane Meadows and will communicate that Robinsons Double Concentrate gives consumers ‘a lot from a drop’. I have no complaints about the product , as we have a bottle of Robinsons Double Concentrate squash on the go in our kitchen at the moment. The problem I have is with the TV advert . Okay, I understand that Britvic want to demonstrate just how many glasses you can get from one bottle of Robinsons Double Concentrate as part of the £6.8 million launch campaign to drive consumer awareness and value growth in the squash category.

Now watch the television advert either on YouTube or the Robinsons website . Just look at how little squash is in each glass! That is an insult to offer someone half a glass! You are offering a half empty glass as part of a television advertising campaign to promote your product. It demonstrates just how tight and stingy some people can be by thinking your friendship is only worth half a glass! What an awful message this advertisement is sending out. It may be legal to claim that you can get 50 servings out of a 1.25 litre bottle of Robinsons Double Concentrate squash but give me half a glass of anything and you will not be my friend for much longer! You serve someone a drink in a glass or mug then you fill it, rather than give them a half measure. I think Britvic have made a faux pas by demonstrating their product using half empty glasses or did Shane Meadows only get half a BAFTA?
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