Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting arrested for walking around barefoot .

Simple question, where in the world would you be arrested for walking around barefoot? Surely walking around barefoot is not a crime, it is no harm to anyone. The answer is that walking barefoot may be a clue in the search to capture escaped prisoners.

Nato and Afghan security forces trying desperately to round up at least 475 escaped Taliban prisoners who broke out of a Kandahar jail were forced to resort to the most primitive detection methods yesterday: searching for suspects with bare feet.

The approach was deemed logical because the escapees, who crawled to freedom down a 1,000ft tunnel, all left their shoes behind when they made the extraordinary escape on Monday. "Basically there's an order out to arrest anyone walking around barefoot," one US soldier told Time magazine.

This story really made me laugh and brightened up my day. 475 escaped prisoners is a rather large number and Afghanistan's Justice Minister told President Hamid Karzai yesterday that "collaborators inside the prison staff" were partly to blame for the break-out. Well that is very funny, crooks guarding crooks and Afghanistan has a very vibrant culture of corruption as this hilarious tale demonstrates.
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