Saturday, April 02, 2011

Our conservatory is finished!

Gail has wanted a conservatory for our home for over a decade now. She has dreamed of one day sitting in a conservatory and looking into our garden. She has nagged about the commission of a conservatory for over a decade. Since our mortgage has been paid off we have been able to put a little money aside. The time has now come that we can afford to have a conservatory installed.

We did our homework and got some quotes. There was quite a large difference between the top and bottom prices we received for the same size conservatory. After due consideration we decided to go with a local company called PVC Dot Com . They started the work and 7 weeks later our new conservatory is finished.

We decided to go for a bespoke conservatory rather than a common, one-size-fits-all conservatory available from builders merchants. This enabled us to have a larger conservatory not available from stock sizes. Our new conservatory spans from the fence with our neighbour to just before our kitchen window, giving the maximum usable width without blocking a window or moving a drain. The depth runs as far down our garden as Gail's potted plant collection.

The extra time taken to finish the conservatory was due to the delay in getting the frame machined at another factory - a one-off job. Once the frame was ready, installation progressed. Each man was responsible for his own trade and took pride in their own part of the job. The plasterer took a particular pride in his job, that was not dissimilar to the care a plastic surgeon takes doing breast re-construction surgery.

So now, everything is finished to our complete satisfaction. We have a conservatory that makes full use of the usable space in our garden between our neighbour's fence and our kitchen. We chose the actual tiles that are fitted with under-floor heating. We have a 600mm dwarf wall that Gail can place her ornaments on top of. We have 2 double electric plug sockets, a ceiling light and a radiator served from our existing domestic central heating system. All nicely finished and a joy to sit in.

We have bought some furniture to kit out our new conservatory. There are 2 sofas, 2 dining chairs, a bistro table and a small nest of tables. Gail is well happy with her new conservatory and it is a joy to entertain friends and family in it. We are pleased with the work that the guys from PVC Dot Com have done, they take a genuine pride in their work. Beer and biscuits anyone?
Now Steve you know I never nag, just make the odd comment now and again.
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