Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shockwave Flash crashing on your Google Chrome browser?

Watching videos on You Tube and other websites requires a browser plug-in called Shockwave Flash. Software gets updated every week and often there are technical conflicts and things simply stop working. Recently I have noticed that the Shockwave Flash plug-in on Google Chrome has been crashing an awful lot. Some days it works but mostly it just crashes with the warning appearing across the top of my browser screen.

I have waited a couple of weeks and it still crashes more often than not! A quick search on the internet reveals this is a common problem for many people using the otherwise excellent Google Chrome browser. But there is an answer that worked for me on this computer running Windows 7 Home Premium and Google Chrome.

Click on the far right icon on the top line - spanner (customize and control)
then - options
under the bonnet
content settings
under 'plug ins' - Disable individual plugins
top right click 'details'
then listed under flash,

1 - Flash 10,2,154,25 - built in Chrome flash

then click - disable

Then launch You Tube and a message will ask you to download and install Adobe
Shockwave Flash. Follow the prompts and hey! presto! your Google Chrome browser will run videos and surf You Tube without Shockwave Flash crashing! I wish I had done this a couple of weeks ago rather than waiting for Google to get around to making Chrome stable.
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