Sunday, April 03, 2011

This one is for Vicky .

London is a lively city and is rich in it's diversity. People dress how they want and quietly go about their business with no harm to anyone. Fashions come and go with the changing seasons. What is in one season is out the next. Some people are following a new trend of walking about London barefoot, as this video illustrates...

...there are many advantages to be had from walking around barefoot. Although it does surprise some people, it does feel rather good and you will feel a lot better for it. Trust me on this one Vicky, for there will be many people around the world on this coming Tuesday taking part in One Day Without Shoes .

On Thursday I went for a walk along the South Bank in London. It was a lovely spring day and I had just enough time to take in what I wanted to achieve. I have an interest in bridges and have wanted for a long time to check out the Millennium Bridge across the River Thames. Londoners nicknamed the bridge the "Wobbly Bridge" after participants in a charity walk on behalf of Save the Children to open the bridge felt an unexpected, and, for some, uncomfortable, swaying motion on the first two days after the bridge opened. The bridge was closed later that day, and after two days of limited access the bridge was closed for almost two years while modifications were made to eliminate the wobble entirely. It was reopened in 2002.

The walk to the Millennium Bridge and back took the whole of my rest break in London but it was worth it. The Millennium Bridge does not wobble any more and it is a joy to walk across. The extruded cellular aluminium decking is a novel surface to walk on though!

The walk along the north bank of the River Thames is not very interesting but the walk along the south bank is worth your time in both directions. There is plenty to catch the eye of everyone and you realize why London is a top tourist destination. There are plenty of interesting attractions for everyone to enjoy, for people of all ages, young and old. If you are a people watcher then you will see a global diversity of people as they stroll past, with different skin colours, different styles of clothing and different forms of footwear. You may even spot the odd person walking happily along barefoot with no harm to anyone. Keep your eyes peeled Vicky!
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