Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What crime has Kenza Drider been arrested for?

You look at the picture above which was taken outside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and wonder what crime Kenza Drider has been arrested for. Then you see that Kenza is wearing a niqab, a Saudi-style veil and yesterday was the first day of the French ban on full face veils. Only thing is that French police were under orders not to enforce the ban on its first day. So what crime was Kenza being arrested for?

Kenza Drider was arrested for taking part in unauthorised demonstrations, not for wearing face-covering veils. Naughty woman, she did not show her face in public but her demonstration was unauthorised! Laughing out loud and her gamble was that she would be arrested in the full glare of global media, so that she could take her case to the European Court of Human Rights. Ah, the sneaky French would not be wrong footed by her childish game and nabbed the naughty woman for taking part in an unauthorised demonstration!

Most of the estimated 1,900 habitual niqab-wearers in France appear to have stayed at home yesterday or bowed to the law and taken off their veils. I do not think that President Nicolas Sarkozy will be bothered at losing those 1,000 votes, as many French voters fear what is lurking behind that burka as she strolls through the streets. Under that burka in the hot summer sun, she could be completely naked, walking around the streets commando-style or she could be a suicide bomber. What dark secrets lie behind that veil? Nicolas Sarkozy does not want to find out or alarm the public, so he introduced the ban on full face veils. Time will tell if a test case is brought before the European Court of Human Rights and if it does, it could be a close call for Nicolas Sarkozy.
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