Saturday, May 07, 2011

67.9% of the people who were bothered to vote said "No"

Great news for fans of common sense here in the UK. We had a referendum on Thursday about a stupid idea to adopt an Alternative Voting system where an election winner should need the support of a majority of the people. So if no candidate commands 50% support, the last placed candidate drops out and their voters’ second preferences come into play. This continues until one candidate has majority support.

Thankfully 67.9% of the votes were to reject this obscene proposal of Alternative Voting, which could have elected a "lesser of the evils" winner. Officials say 19.1m people voted in the second UK-wide referendum in history - a higher than expected turnout of 41%. According to the Electoral Commission, 6,152,607 voted Yes to the Alternative Vote, while 13,013,123 voted No.

This referendum has restored my faith in democracy and thank goodness the British public saw common sense and voted for the sane and cheaper option of electing representatives.
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