Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogs come and go, some stay longer than others.

Blogging is a personal labour of love. People blog for fun about things they are interested in. I read many blogs and their diversity of interest delights me. On the right hand side of this blog there is a sidebar of links to other blogs of interest. This is not a complete list of the many blogs that I read but only a hi-lighted selection, that is why I have limited my sidebar list to a total of 8.

Sometimes bloggers stop writing for many different reasons. Sadly one of those blogs hi-lighted on my sidebar appears to have stopped. Ad Nauseum was a very interesting blog about advertising. Quincy Phd has not posted anything on his blog since the 5th December 2010. This is a big shame because I really enjoyed his blog, which was witty and well informed.

So, I have decided to remove Ad Nauseum from my sidebar. What has taken his place you may wonder? Well I had a look at some of the other blogs that I enjoy and are regularly updated. And the 4th place on my sidebar goes to...

Richard Scrimger whose blog is called Scrimger Should Probably Be Writing Something Else. Richard Scrimger is the award-winning author of nine novels for children, three picture books, and three books for adults. Columns detailing Richard’s adventures in parenthood have been published in The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, and Today’s Parent. His first children’s novel, The Nose from Jupiter, won the 10th Annual Mr. Christie’s Book Award. His last adult novel, Mystical Rose, was a Globe & Mail book of the year. He lives in Cobourg, Ontario.

Richard writes a very entertaining blog which is really easy to relate to. I like Richard's writing style and if you fancy something different, well written and from Canada, then click on Richard Scrimger . I am sure that you will find that his blog is worth your time.

So, will anyone else be affected by my sidebar revision? I think that my old friend from East Anglia, the very witty Grumpy Dragon may be a victim of future sidebar revision. Why would I remove Grumpy Dragon? Well, the Dragon has been sleeping a lot and has not updated his blog since the 7th March 2011. I know he has 2 lovely dogs to walk but come on Mr Dragon, bash the keyboard and give us something to consider. So, if you are reading this, please update your blog because if you don't there are plenty more quality blogs out there to take your place on my sidebar!
Pot, kettle black?????
Gosh! Has it been a week? I have been busy with other things and Mam and Dad have been here too!
Sir, you cover me with shame.

Guess I just got blogging fatigue, that and I only had three or so readers and the rest of my hits were people searching for "scaly dragon pr0n".

However a couple of things this week have ticked me off and prodded the dragon out of his snooze and normally it's a good idea to stand out of the way of the head end when that happens as it can get a little bit warm.
We can all get blogging fatigue and sometimes nothing rattles your cage. Glad to read that you have responded to my blog post and have returned to your previous writing good-form.

I give a warm welcome back to my mate Grumpy Dragon and he is assured a place on my sidebar.
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