Sunday, May 01, 2011

What is it with women?

We had my cousin Janet to stay with us this week. I have not seen Janet for over a decade and I do not know her very well. Janet lives in Hartlepool and came down to Cardiff on the National Express coach. Janet is 54 years old and is divorced. So we welcome Janet into our home and simply go with the flow.

On Wednesday I take Barney - our pet dog - out for his little walk and Janet comes along with us. We went through the houses, across the park, through the woods and down to the Ely river. We were gone for an hour and when we got back Janet complained that the walk was too long for her! Silly cow, I thought, it was only a 60 minute walk, nothing tiring for a woman in her fifties.

On Thursday and Friday Janet refused to come on the dog walk as she thought it might be too far for her. Oh what a lazy cow my cousin Janet certainly is!

Yesterday we went out in the car to Cardiff Bay and I told Janet that she should walk around Cardiff Bay as it is a tourist treasure and she could compare it to the Hartlepool Marina. So off we went on the circular walk around Cardiff Bay and the Cardiff Barrage. Barney loves this walk as you go in a big circle with many different things to look at plus the Wetlands Nature Reserve. We had parked the car at Morrisons and were walking clockwise around the Bay via James Street bridge. Janet wanted to stop every so often for a rest and when we had gone past Mermaid Quay she wanted to know how much further it was back to the car. I pointed to the other side of the bay and pointed out the International Swimming Pool. She gasped at the distance and traced the route that I pointed out via the barrage and the lock gates.

We got back to the car and she moaned that we had walked too far! We were only walking for 2 hours, that is not much to ask. What is up with this woman? She must be really lazy at home in Hartlepool if she thinks a 2 hour walk is too far for a normal woman in her fifties. She went on about the length of this walk for quite some time, telling everybody that she met plus her father on the telephone.

This morning I walked Barney from our home down to the Ely river and Janet refused to come. She claimed that she had done more than enough walking and she could not trust me. Barney and I did our regular 1 hour walk down to the river and back, leaving Janet grazing on the sofa.

Lazy Janet has gone back to Hartlepool this afternoon on the 322 service and will be changing in Birmingham. It just makes me wonder what is it with women. Many women just simply hate walking relatively short distances, what is wrong with them? What quality of life do these women have if they can't use a bus or a car? We are not talking disability here, this is bone idleness. I wonder why Janet and John got divorced, a step too far?
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