Friday, May 06, 2011

Would you take a stranger-in-need into your home?

Simple question, would you take a stranger-in-need into your home? Supposing you found a couple, in a very bad condition, near to dying, and in need of help, begging on the streets. This couple "looked Asian" and did not speak any of the local languages, were thin, shaking and looked very ill. What would you do?

Well, Abdul Hameed Sohail took the couple into his Abbottabad home. He put them in an upstairs room in his house and gave them some medicine. His young daughter would leave a tray outside their door containing salad, curry and chapatis, though they never ate more than one-quarter of what was left for them. They smelled very bad, he said. During the eight to 10 days that they stayed at his home, the couple never went outside and received no visitors, Mr Sohail said.

That to me is an amazing act of humanity and the story really struck me hard. However, this couple were later arrested and taken away as suspected terrorists. But Abdul Hameed Sohail did not question their history or motives but acted in true human kindness to people in need who did not even speak his language. That is the moral of this story, one man's kindness, without profit, for strangers in need. That is a very welcome act in our consumeristic, materialistic, greedy life in the UK.
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