Friday, June 17, 2011

Gail brings me joy from her kitchen .

Gail and I both enjoy our food. Gail prepares and cooks all the food, I do the drinks. That is the way things in our home are and we are both happy with our roles. Our tastes in food differ a little but as Gail does the cooking, I take what I am given.

Gail is proud to be Welsh and does a traditional Welsh bread cake called Bara Brith but I really enjoy food from the Middle East. As Gail rightly says, I may enjoy Arab food but it is not economical to store all the many herbs and spices that you will find in a Middle Eastern kitchen. But what did we find in the supermarket the other day? It was a Dinner Kit Box from a dark skinned chap. I have not seen his television cookery programmes but his name rang a bell with me.

Ainsley Harriott makes a range of 6 dinner kits, just add your fish or meat to produce in your home an authentic foreign meal. Choose from: Bengali Keema Masala, Kashmiri Pasanda, Vietnamese Kho, Moroccan Tagine, Spanish Paella, Lebanese Kofta.

Well you can guess which dinner kit I chose! We bought the Lebanese Kofta with Falafel and Gail made the meal with minced Lamb.

This meal was gorgeous and a complete surprise from Gail's Welsh kitchen! The flavours were out of this world and I felt as though I was on holiday rather than at home in Cardiff. This dinner really rocked my boat and I would love to have it again. Gail understands how much I enjoyed this meal and repeats that a Welsh kitchen could not have the range of herbs and species to make this dish a regular feature of our home life. Gail said the meal was okay but I thought it was the business!

So if you are bored with British food at home, why not try the Ainsley Harriott Dinner Kit Lebanese Kofta with Falafel for a change. A little investment in your weekly grocery bill to bring a welcome surprise to your stomach.

Oh! and on a Welsh theme, I can't stand those Welsh Cakes but I love Gail's home made Bara Brith . This is a surprise because I am not a cake-loving person, I am more of a biscuit man!
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