Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kasturi Indian Restaurant .

Gail and I went out with friends last night to the Kasturi Indian Restaurant at 129 Crwys Road, Cathays, Cardiff CF24 4NG. Tel: 029 2023 3511

This was our second visit to this Indian restaurant and it has not been trading very long. There is a lot of competition in Cardiff between Indian restaurants and I thought it was a very brave commercial move to start a new Indian restaurant. I thought the market was saturated but these guys are giving it a go.

Crwys Road is like the Cowbridge Road in Canton and you are spoiled for choice as to which restaurant you go into. The Kasturi Indian Restaurant is new and fresh, with a bright shop front to tease people in. We were teased in by the set price menu of £9.95 which gives you a starter, a main course, a side order, rice, a naan bread and a coffee. The Kasturi is not licensed for alcohol and you are invited to bring your own booze. This makes the Kasturi a venue for a very good value night out!

So, the value is good but do you only get what you pay for? Well, we have eaten at the Kasturi twice now and they have not cooked their food down to a price. The quality of their food is top rate, they have not scrimped on the ingredients. This food is very good and I could not fault it. Some Indian restaurants play safe and have a small menu, with nothing much different from what you can get in the supermarket. The Kasturi has a large menu with loads of very different dishes to tempt you. I was surprised at the sheer diversity of choice and had completely different meals on both visits.

The Kasturi is getting very popular now as the word is getting out, I would recommend that you booked a table in advance rather than be disappointed. I think their vision for an Indian restaurant is spot on and was very impressed by their choice of side orders. There was one item I had on each visit to the Kasturi that really blew me away - their Peshwari Naan is simply the best I have ever had anywhere in our country.

I think the food at the Kasturi is gorgeous, we had a lovely meal with friends and we will love to go again. I can't fault the Kasturi as an Indian restaurant and the value is great. It is great to be able to bring your own booze as tastes can vary - generally restaurants do not cater for real ale drinkers, so this is a good work-around. So, what beer did Stephen bring along for an Indian? Was it a Cobra or a Kingfisher? No, you are not even close! I brought along Old Speckled Hen and boy, did it go down well with the Kasturi Murghi mosala, yes sir, it certainly did!
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