Friday, June 10, 2011

Mock the Week .

Last night saw the first episode of series ten of the top comedy panel programme called Mock the Week on BBC2 television. I have been a fan of Mock the Week for many years now and I consider it to be the best comedy programme on television. So I sat down in anticipation of another good satirical review of the latest current affairs and trends.

What a disappointment Mock the Week has become. The whole programme appeared TIRED and OLD as though it was a repeat from the 1980's. This programme has not moved on or kept up with the times. Russell Howard has left the programme although his photograph appears on the iPlayer screen on the website. Russell used to make a very valuable contribution to Mock the Week and his talent is sadly missed as this programme has slipped downhill. Best contributions last night were from Andy Parsons but he was let down by the other comedians and could not shave the show.

I will continue to watch this new series of Mock the Week but it is no longer the best comedy show on British television. Mock the Week has passed it's shelf life and it is time for the audience to move on.
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