Saturday, July 30, 2011

All change at The Culverhouse .

The Culverhouse at Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, CF5 5TF has undergone a complete transformation and has now reopened as a carvery pub. The Culverhouse is still owned by Brains but it is their first dedicated carvery pub. It opened last Monday and we went along today to try it out for our first time.

First impressions are good because there is disabled parking and a good ramp for Gail to crawl up with her walking stick to the front door. The builders have done a lot of work to The Culverhouse and the insides have been completely changed. Everything looks bright, new and fresh.

The menu cards were a welcome surprise because of their GF listings. GF is the code for Gluten Free. Carvery meals are gluten free when served without Yorkshire pudding and stuffing. Gluten free gravy is available on request, which is great for my mother as she has a gluten free diet and pub meals can be a problem for her.

I fancied a change today and opted for the Homemade turkey & ham pie. You help yourself to vegetables from the carvery counter in the same as-much-as-you-like fashion as with the carved cooked meats. I believe that a pie is a food that is encased in pastry and will stand up on it's own. I am not alone in this belief, a pie is only a pie if it can stand up without the filling bursting out. The Homemade turkey & ham pie at The Culverhouse is not what I would call a pie! This meal is bowl of turkey and ham casserole with a puff pastry lid. So, I took off the puff pastry lid and poured the turkey and ham casserole onto my plate with the pastry sitting on my vegetables. I then tucked in and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I am not a fan of gravy and there was not a drop on my plate. What was so wonderful was the white sauce that was part of the pie filling, also known as turkey and ham casserole. This special white sauce was simply delicious and worked really well with the turkey and ham. Although I would not class this meal as a True Pie - what I had was simply great. I was so impressed by this Homemade turkey & ham pie that I will recommend it to everyone. That is the meal that I will go for next time we visit The Culverhouse.

Well done to Brains for a good refurbishment to this pub which is very close to our home. Well done to the chef for making such a lovely Homemade turkey & ham pie. Well done to management for having a gluten free menu to stop my mother from whinging "what can I have, I'm gluten free" which was becoming a pain.
No mention of the beer Steve. An oversight perhaps?? Your dispatches of eating houses normally features a bit about the alcohol served....
The beer was a very old favourite of mine. Brains SA - a beer you can trust and very similar to Marston's Pedigree.
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