Friday, July 29, 2011

Belkin to the rescue .

Anybody wondered why I have not posted on natural yogurt since last Thursday? Well, I was busy with other things and sat I down at this computer on Wednesday night, ready to write on this blog. Trouble was that I could not gain an internet connection. I checked everything and then telephoned talk talk, our internet service provider. Rather than bore everyone with a long story, our Huawei HG520b wireless router had broken. This was the router given to us by talk talk in February 2010 when I posted about the issue on this blog.

Now, just under 18 months of service out of an Huawei HG520b wireless router is rather a poor show, even though we did not pay for it.

Gail and I had a chat about the lack of internet access. We both agreed that we would rather invest in a new wireless broadband router that we could use straight away than wait for talk talk to send us a new router. Having our own router means that we can be on-line whilst waiting for the new one. Then we will have a spare wireless broadband router to fall back on, when the talk talk supplied router fails. We were both very frustrated at not having internet access and having a spare router secures our drug of choice.

So I bit the bullet tonight and went out and purchased a Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless Router . I plugged it in, entered our username and password - Stephen is now back on-line.

We now have a brand new router that should give us good service, internet access before our new talk talk router is delivered and a back up that we can switch over to in minutes when the Chinese hardware fails! Plus there will be no more wondering if the connection failure is our end or the telephone exchange end. No more trying everything, telephoning the call centre to speak to a guy in India, going through monotonous procedures for an engineer to ring back another day. Whenever in future our internet connection fails, I will simply plug in our Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless Router . If the Belkin does not restore our internet connection then I know it is a telephone exchange fault. If the Belkin does restore our broadband then I will telephone talk talk, say "Namaste" to the guy in India and request another new router. I wonder how long our third talk talk router will last?
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