Friday, July 15, 2011

Candy Bar Girls .

I am enjoying Candy Bar Girls , a brand-new documentary series revealing the lives and loves of the staff and regulars at the world-famous Candy Bar in London, a lesbian night club with a reputation for decadence.

Channel 5 television has taken a risk with the commissioning of this programme. I have watched two episodes now and have enjoyed both of them. There is a broad range of lesbians in this programme and it gets away from the standard dyke stereotype. This programme about diversity shows just what a huge diversity there is within the lesbian community. The girls are quite different from each other, some you will like and others you will be a little wary of. Some girls are show-off's but other are quite ordinary and just like the girl next door. My favourite girl is Alex , who grew up in a tiny, Australian town called Echuca where she says that she was officially the only gay in the village. The Candy Bar was the first lesbian bar that she ever went to and not long after her first social visit, she secured a job at her favourite watering hole. Alex comes across as natural and happy, without any of the pretentiousness glowing from some of the other girls.

The Candy Bar Girls should let viewers deal with any homophobia they may hold. There is nothing to be frightened about in the Lesbian lifestyle, it is just girls enjoying the full company of other girls. Some people are uncomfortable with lesbians but they do not bite. I enjoyed the glimpse that Candy Bar Girls gives you into another world.

I think Candy Bar Girls should be a hit, if only viewers let go of their prejudices. Gail is not too happy with the programme and finds it a challenge to relate to, even though one of her niece's is a lesbian. I just think it is fun to see a wide range of lesbians having fun and enjoying life rather than living in the closet. I am pleased that Channel 5 have taken a gamble and embraced the diversity of our country in the 21st Century.
Not seen the programme but have seen the trailers for it between episodes of CSI.

Particularly enjoyed the trailer where one girl in exceptionally tight trousers was being spanked with a riding crop by her friend have I missed that episode yet?

I just knew it would appeal to you.

Stephen, as usual you are well behind everyone else!!!!!
Homosexuality is out in the open in this country and has been for years!!!!!
Its literally shoved down our throats everywhere you look. You are not "cool" unless you are gay today!!!!!
Get your nose out from behind your sex and violence novels and keep up with society!!
John: sorry mate but the spanking was in episode two and they used another night club, not Candy Bars, according to the credits at the end. So you have missed the spanking but a pole dancer is featured this week!

Matthew: I am up with the times unlike Brian Souter, the CEO of Stagecoach who paid for his own Scottish referendum against homosexuality.
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