Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Coach House .

Gail and I had a lovely pub lunch yesterday at The Coach House, Old St Mellons, Cardiff. They do a two meals for £10 special menu, which offers something for everybody. The range you generally get on set price menus is normally rather limited but The Coach House menu offers 24 different meals.

I chose the Beef Chilli and Gail went for the Fish and Chips. We were both very pleased with the generous portions on both plates. Most pubs use frozen chips for their meals and this tends to put Gail off a little. The Coach House is different and uses hand cut chips that appear to have been fried in beef fat, which give them that gorgeous taste that is the trademark of Harry Ramsden's.

My Beef Chilli was simply delicious, the quality and taste simply blew me away. This was the best Beef Chilli I have ever had in a pub and it is one of my favourite dishes although sadly Gail does not cook it at home. The Beef Chilli is offered in that great Cardiff tradition of "Half and Half" where you have half a portion of rice and half a portion of chips, giving you the best of both worlds and not having to choose. Added to the rice and chips was a delicious salad and a pot of sour cream. This was a lovely meal and very good value for money.

Quite often when you discover a pub with good food, it is let down with lousy beer. This is not the case with The Coach House where I had the choice of Old Speckled Hen or Wadworth's 6X . The 6X was lovely and brought back many happy memories of living in Bristol for 20 years. A good meal, a good pint and a good woman to dine with, what more could I want? I think I am in love with all three!
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