Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Show Me The Funny .

I watched the first episode of Show Me The Funny last night on ITV1 television. 10 comedians with varying levels of experience as they battle it out to win the ultimate prize in British comedy: £100,000, a multi-date UK tour throughout September, and their very own DVD at Christmas. Each week, the comics will try to get inspiration for five minutes of material that they will then perform at a gig in an unusual venue before facing the scrutiny of the judges.

So my interest was peaked by an article in a television magazine and I tuned in expecting to be entertained by some new comedians. Well, this programme is rubbish and I shall not be watching the second episode. Show Me The Money is hosted by Jason Manford and what a pain in the backside of a presenter Jason certainly is! If I was a judge on this programme, I would have voted off Jason Manford rather than a contestant. Jason is one patronising, smug git of a presenter, enough to make milk curdle.

The programme itself was also a waste of time. Most of the show comprised the comedians going around Liverpool looking for inspiration for their 5 minutes of stand-up. Did we see these stand-up routines? No, we did not view the full 5 minutes of audition, only a few snips. What was billed as 5 minutes of new stand-up material that had been written within the last 24 hours was reduced to a couple of sound-bites.

What the producers should have done was to have dumped Jason Manford, lost the footage of the comedians going around Liverpool and broadcast the full 5 minutes of stand-up performed by each comedian. Then the judges could have summed up and declared the loser who would not appear next week.

The way Show Me The Funny has been produced just leaves the viewer feeling cheated. It is not a lot to ask for each comedian to write 5 minutes of fresh, new material and deliver within 24 hours. The viewer should then be able to watch the full version of their efforts and make up their own mind.

Watching the brief sound-bites from the comedians I have to agree that the judges were right in dismissing Ignacio Lopez , as he was the weakest of all the comedians except Jason Manford. I will not wave my Cardiff flag and support Ignacio Lopez as he claims to be half-Welsh. Ignacio was clearly half-funny and Show Me The Funny is a full-flop of a television programme. Show me the television remote control and ZAP! that awful Jason Manford from my living room.
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