Friday, July 08, 2011

Sirens .

I have now watched the first two episodes of Sirens, a British comedy-drama about an Ambulance Service broadcast on Channel 4. It was first screened on Monday 27 June 2011.
The series is based on the book Blood, Sweat & Tea by Brian Kellett. The series is filmed predominantly in Leeds with some filmed in the surrounding areas.

The first episode was okay but not brilliant. I hoped it would improve and the comedy become sharper and more adult. I am a fan of workplace dramas and comedies. I thoroughly enjoyed another health care related workplace comedy-drama called Getting On , which was broadcast on BBC Four.

These two television programmes are poles apart. Getting On was great, the humour spot on and it was a wonderful piece of satire that ridiculed management big time. Jo Brand gained the British Comedy Award 2011 Best TV Comedy Actress and a BAFTA Best Female Performance in a Comedy Role for her part in Getting On.

Sirens is simply lacking and the second episode was worse than the first. Sirens showed promise but did not live up to it. It was mildly amusing in a couple of places but was not funny. The programme lasts for an hour and it does not pass the test of time. The story and humour is shallow, giving the impression that it was stretched to the hour.

Okay, it was hard to equal the excellent Getting On but Sirens is not on the same planet! Sirens does not cut it and there are far better programmes on television. So, I gave Sirens two goes but it will not get a third. I will not watch another episode of Sirens and I will be very surprised if it is commissioned for a second series. Channel Four do take risks with television programmes but they made a big mistake with Sirens.
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