Sunday, July 03, 2011

Taken: The Milly Dowler Story .

Last Thursday night I saw the BBC One television programme called Taken: The Milly Dowler Story. Following the conviction of serial killer, Levi Bellfield, for the abduction and murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler in 2002, this Crimewatch special reveals the inside story of how he was finally brought to justice.

I enjoy reading crime thriller novels and have taken an interest in the search for Milly's killer. This BBC One Crimewatch special was a very good programme that allowed the viewer the opportunity to bring a closure to this dreadful tale. The programme covered a long of ground in the search and conviction of Milly's killer. I think the BBC did a really good job in making this difficult programme, although Terence Blacker does ask some awkward questions about it. At the end of the programme the viewer is left in doubt that Levi Bellfield is an evil monster who was guilty of taking and killing Milly Dowler.

That was Thursday night and I went to bed confident that justice had been done, confident that the jury reached the right verdict and glad that Milly's killer had been caught. Then the nagging started - it was a strange case with no forensic evidence against Levi Bellfield. All the evidence against Bellfield was circumstantial. Okay, he is a very dangerous and violent man. He was already serving a custodial sentence for murder. Watching the programme I was convinced that the Police had brought to justice the right man. All the circumstantial evidence pointed towards Bellfield and the jury convicted him of taking and killing Milly Dowler.

The days rolled on and the nagging thoughts continued in my brain. Walking our pet dog this morning I was still thinking about Levi Bellfield. I still think that Bellfield is an evil monster, a very dangerous and violent man who was capable of killing Milly Dowler.

However, Levi Bellfield was already serving a life sentence for murder. The terms of his sentence were that he would never be released from prison and he would die in jail. Bellfield refused to help in the Police investigation and simply replied "no comment" in interviews. Bellfield did not enter the witness box at his trial. Bellfield is clearly an evil monster.

What if? That is what is bugging me, the what if question. Levi Bellfield knows two things, that he will die in prison and whether or not he killed Milly Dowler. Because Levi Bellfield is a dangerous criminal with nothing more to lose and would feel rather gutted at the prospect of dying in jail, maybe being convicted of Milly's murder, the real killer could walk free. This would be Bellfield's way of getting revenge on a justice system that has taken away his freedom. If Bellfield had pleaded guilty, everyone would have had an easier time. By pleading not guilty and refusing to answer, Bellfield has heightened his feeling of revenge on a justice system that has condemned his to death in prison.

Hopefully I am wrong in this possibility that Levi Bellfield did not kill Milly Dowler and that the real killer has walked away free. Trouble is that evil men do very wicked things including perverting the course of justice. The Police wanted a conviction and they have made mistakes in the past. Levi Bellfield knows for sure but he will take his secret to the grave leaving us wondering if the killer is walking around your corner.
Stephen, you read far too many violent sex crime novels and should really broaden your horizons a bit more, certainly in the novels you read!!
There are far better novels out there which do not consist entirely of violent sex crimes!!
As for Levi bellfield, shouldn't you consider that the murderer of Karen skipper is still at large and of more concern to you as it is closer to your neck of the woods???
Damn, my next book review is about Rosie Duff, who was raped, stabbed and left for dead in an ancient Pictish cemetery.

John Pope is accused of the Karen Skipper rape and murder. He is under trial at Newport Crown Court at the moment. Do you think John Pope is innocent and the killer is lurking around Plymouth Woods and may attack a middle aged man as he walks his Jack Russell/Lakeland terrier?
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