Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse toxicology reports showed 'no illegal substances'

People were so quick to jump to conclusions about the tragic death of Amy Winehouse. Okay, so Amy did have a history of drug use which was well known but her death could even have been caused by a double decker bus. I thought that Amy's death was very sad and I was further saddened by people's assumption that she had a drugs overdose.

The general public quite often jump to conclusions when they know very little about the circumstances. The public can get brainwashed by the media and can be obsessed with celebrities. The little knowledge they have of celebrities makes people think they know which celebrities are on the slide.

I took the opinion that the coroner would establish the cause of Amy's death. I had an open mind on the cause of her death. Something killed her but I could not guess what it was. I did not think it was suicide as I feel she would have left a statement. I hoped that she was not stupid enough to overdose on drugs. I did not suspect murder but I thought her death was either a tragic accident or an unknown health problem. Tragic accidents do happen all around the world and Amy's death may have been one of those. My top guess is that she had a medical problem that she was totally unaware of and she could have died suddenly at any time.
Happy to rely on the views of authority on this occasion I see. Why so quick to have a dig at West Mids Police in Brum closed a few streets during biggest riots in a decade?
You tell him anonymous!!!!! Get out of that one Steve?!?!?!?!
The toxicology labs do not close city centres and allow everyone to continue with their lives.

Regarding the results of Amy's tests, Amol Rajan shares my opinions in today's Independent.
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