Monday, August 22, 2011

"Beep!", that's clever.

I have had our Citroen C3 since the 1st March 2007 and I am very pleased with it. I like the design and it does just what I want from a car. We have had no problems with it and all we have paid for is the routine replacement of tyres and oil plus filters.

I switched the ignition on yesterday and watched as the dashboard electronics booted up and went through the normal start up procedures. Then I turned the key further and started the engine. The ECU light then went out as it should with the engine running but just before I dabbed the clutch pedal there was an audible "Beep!". Just the one "Beep!" and nothing else. There was no warning light on the dashboard and all the gauges were okay. The only time before I have heard a "Beep!" is when the petrol tank has less than 6 litres left. When this happens the petrol gauge displays one bar and the pump icon lights on the dashboard. All I got yesterday was a single "Beep!" and no warning light.

I got out to do an inspection to find out what made the electronics return a single "Beep!". The answer was easy for me to spot - a failed offside brake light bulb.

What a wonderful idea that was for Citroen to build into the electronics. In the background after starting the engine the electronics must check the light bulbs and return a single "Beep!" if one is broken. There are no nagging sounds or lights to distract the driver and you can complete your journey. I am impressed with this added safety feature I never knew the Citroen C3 had.
If you were outside of the car when you noticed the brake light was out, who's foot was on the brake pedal???? C'mon stevie boi, you often criticise authors who are not very descriptive in your sex, murder, rape and torture novels!!
That was the short brief story. There was no "Beep!" when I left home. I dropped Gail off on the Avenue, got her newspaper and she walked home with Barney. I restarted the car and got a "Beep!". I stopped in a lay-by on the Ely link road to do a quick check. I got to the farm and throughout my working day I wondered what the fault was. When I returned to the farm I checked all the lights except the brake lights. The usual way I check my brake lights is when I drive into my garage I watch the reflections in my side mirrors. Only then did I know that the "Beep!" was the offside brake light.
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