Thursday, August 04, 2011

More than the odd picture .

Home computer users quite often have a number of images on their computer. Bus spotters can collect a huge number of images of buses and coaches. Look at the Bus Pictures Group on Flickr and you can whip yourself into a frenzy over 129,672 images in this pool. Now then 129,672 is an awful lot of buses to look at but this is less than half the number of images on Daniel Taylor's computer. Daniel is not interested in buses or coaches.

A paedophile who police believe is the UK's most prolific collector of child abuse images has been given an indeterminate jail sentence. Daniel Taylor, 31, of Farnley, Leeds, had more than 300,000 images of abuse and pleaded guilty to 27 offences.

At Bradford Crown Court, he admitted 20 counts of making indecent images, four of taking indecent images and two counts of sexual assault on a baby. Taylor had a video guide on abusing children and "not leaving a trace".

Police in London identified Taylor as being "the single most prolific 'owner' of such images in the UK". West Yorkshire Police said new file-sharing technology and software from the US had been used to cross-reference a range of data in order to "rank" suspects. A spokesman said: "Even today, according to this software, he is still listed as number one in the country."

Why did Daniel want so many images of children? Over 300,000 is more than a group of bus spotters on Flickr can pool together, never mind one collector on his home computer. No wonder Daniel pleaded guilty as this was not just a passing or spotting interest but an obsession. No wonder Judge Rodney Grant said Taylor had been "opportunistic and predatory" and imposed an indeterminate jail sentence. The risk of Daniel re-offending must be HUGE. Well done to the Police for catching Britain's number one collector of child abuse images.
What the report does not say is that these were all unique. I have a lot of pictures of horses on my computer equipment (no not *those* sort of pictures, stop sniggering at the back!) taken at various horse shows and events over the years but there are at least 2 sets of duplicates (one on an external back up hard-drive and at least 1 CD-ROM which I burn with the raw images off the flash card when I get home.

So I doubt that these were unique images but even if only 25% were it's still a staggering amount.

Don't think he'll be seeing the outside world for a while.
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