Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My new talk talk broadband wireless router has arrived.

Postman Pat delivered my new wireless router today. There was no charge for this device as I have agreed to stay connected to talk talk for another 12 months. This new router is a D Link DSL 2680 . It is a very small box with just 2 LAN connections and an internal wireless aerial. Setting up this router was very easy indeed. For new users there is a simple CD to install the device or you can configure it using the dialogue boxes on your operating system. You can view the router from your browser by entering "" into the address bar. The username and passwords for this webpage are both "admin" which is a convention that talk talk have used for a number of years with their routers. This new wireless router works very well and I am happy with it. I have checked the WiFi with my Kindle and it works fine. Looking at the specifications it appears that the D Link DSL 2680 is very similar to my Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless Router.

D Link have been in business for 25 years and has 5 manufacturing plants worldwide:
* one manufacturing plant in California, USA;
* two in Hsin-chu, Taiwan;
* one in Dong Guan Province, China;
* one in Verna, India.

So time will tell how long this new wireless router will last. I wonder if talk talk has changed it's supply of routers from Huawei to D Link because of frequent component failure?
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