Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out of bounds in Birmingham .

What sort of country has Britain turned into? I thought we lived in a free society where people had freedoms of movement and expression. I thought people could wander about openly in public spaces and enjoy the freedom of our cities. I thought the idea of a police state belonged to parts of Russia. No, the police state is a little closer to home, like Birmingham.

I was shocked watching the news on television this morning to witness that the Police had closed off Birmingham city centre. I could not believe that in 2011 the Police could simply close off a whole city centre. This is disgusting and brings Britain further down the road to a police state. Our freedoms are slowly being eroded away. We all pay for the police through the community charge and what do they do, treat us no better than cattle.

This is awful the Police closing a city centre, that should never happen in a free and democratic society. What has our country come to when you are denied access to a city centre and public transport passengers are left stranded by the whim of the Police?

Looking at the Birmingham Mail , here are some snips to describe the new police state that residents pay for and could be arrested for breaking through police lines...

4.30pm update: 600 officers on streets as city centre closes early BIRMINGHAM city centre is once again closing down early for the night amid fears a third night of violence may be about to blight the city.

The Bullring shopping centre decided to close at 4pm today after being targetted by rioters on Monday, when arond 800 people ran amok in the city centre, smashing windows and looting stores.

10pm update: City centre locked down but police report quiet night

Police have shut off routes into the city centre, but say this is just a precaution.

As a result, buses are terminating just outside the city centre.

Earlier, the force had advised people to steer clear of the city centre. Many shops, including those in the Bullring, closed at 4pm today.

Birmingham Riots: Transport bosses defend decision to stop services

TRANSPORT chiefs who left bus passengers stranded by stopping services short of Birmingham city centre defended the decision.

Innocent bystanders were left stranded in the middle of Birmingham from 8.30pm on Tuesday when buses began terminating a mile from the central area.

Birmingham Coach Station, in Digbeth, also closed after a van was set on fire and looters stormed a cafe in nearby Bordesley Street.

Travellers left high and dry tweeted they were concerned for their safety.

But a spokesman for bus and coach company National Express West Midlands said it curbed services on the advice of West Midlands Police.

“It was not a business decision,” the spokesman said. “We made it in consultation with police.”

Birmingham riots: A tense calm returns to Birmingham city centre

As a precautionary measure, all routes into the city centre were closed off by police from 9pm and National Express West Midlands buses were dropping passengers off at the inner city centre ring road.

Shops and offices in the city centre shut early so that staff and shoppers could get home without incident.

The Bullring was one of the first to close before 4pm, followed by the House of Fraser and nearby Great Western Arcade.

...So, that was Birmingham City Centre closed off to the public. Next Sunday, a large number of roads in Central and West London will be closed off for the London Surrey Cycle Classic . London is preparing to welcome the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the London-Surrey Cycle Classic road race on 14 August 2011 will be one of the most important test events. The race will take place on closed roads along a 140km route which runs from central London to Surrey and back. It will be an exciting spectacle, but roads and transport, including access to Heathrow and the M25, will be severely affected on the day.

The nationwide company advises passengers that journeys to and from London may take another 60 minutes. Time will tell but London could quite simply gridlock. So much for freedom of movement in our democratic country.

You talk about freedoms we should expect to take in this country, well one must surely be to be able to live in our homes without fear of gangs rampaging our streets intent on nothing but mindless criminality. I have suffered financially from the unrest in Manchester and all I can say is that your comments are mis-guided and ill-informed. You no doubt speak from your cost middle-class life in a two-bedroom house in suburban Wales. If only the entire country was as lucky. We're not. It's not.
I agree with anonymous. Stephen, your liberal attitude is what has made this country what it is today. A cesspit of multiculturalism and White genocide. Not one person from the black community has taken responsibility for their actions. Please don't lecture me about White people being just as guilty when it is clear to see that it was predominantly black and Asian youths involved.
Black people blaming everyone else for their misfortune and not taking responsibility for their own actions, expecting everyone to hand them something for free on a plate!!!!!
Politicians do the usual waffle waffle, but the fact remains that multiculturalism and consumerism and failure to get tough on crime and immigration has cost this once great country dearly and has already affected it's future prospects
Anon: The Police have made numerous arrests around the country for looting and rioting, let justice run it's course. People should not be banned from public areas at the whim of the Police. My cosy three bedroomed detached home is only 10 minutes walk away from the scene of the Cardiff Ely Bread Riots of 1991 - so I think I can wear my working class badge with pride.

Matthew: I take it you are a fan of Anders Breivik? I have noticed though that the majority of the looters on television have black skin and appear to be afro-carribeans.

What's the difference between black and blue?

If you're blue, you're a little bit upset.

If you're black, you're fucking devastated.
Having researched anders online and partially read his long winded "manifesto" I do share some empathy with him, yes. I myself could never kill children but I could easily be tempted to shoot a number of liberal socialist multiculturalists quite easily!!!
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