Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something not available on the website.

Deborah mentioned the other day about a new range of filled doughnuts available from Greggs. This was news to me so we stopped on the Grand Avenue to investigate. I believe that Greggs offer rather good value for money and have a wonderful range of products to choose from.

There in the window tempting me was a stack of lovely looking plump doughnuts with a little sign "maple and pecan". That sounds gorgeous I thought and bought a pack of 4 to take home and try.

These maple and pecan filled doughnuts are delicious and I vote them a HIT. Gail was not so impressed and it was not really her thing. So Gail ate 1 doughnut and "not so fat boy" Stephen ate the other 3. Yum! Yum!

So I thought I would pass this tasty treat onto other readers of this blog. But looking at the Greggs website I can find no mention of a filled maple and pecan doughnut. What I can find is the beautiful picture above and a description of the other filled doughnuts in the range...

Jaffa Cake, Strawberry Milkshake, Coconut Snowball and Triple Chocolate Vanilla.

...From this range Gail and I would have chosen the Jaffa Cake. Had I known about the maple and pecan before I went to the shop, I would have chosen them in preference to the Jaffa Cake. Oh, and Matthew, the website rates these doughnuts at 320 kcal or over each!

I wonder why these delicious maple and pecan filled doughnuts did not feature on the website? Maybe they are a trial line or only available in Cardiff. Greggs do some regional lines and that might be the answer as we can not get Devon Slices in Cardiff. So if you are passing Greggs, why not try one, two or three?

Noted fatty:-)
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