Thursday, September 08, 2011

Golliwog in the window .

My memories of childhood include a harmless toy called a Golliwog . They are a harmless child's toy and should not be hidden away. Later memories of childhood revealed popular figures of speech such a "having a chip on your shoulder". This figure of speech was often directed at people of black skin.

Roll on many decades and what do I read in today's newspaper...

A woman has been charged with racially aggravated harassment after a neighbour complained about a golliwog displayed in her window. This alleged offence carries a maximum penalty of a fine of £2,500

...Well, I think that bringing this case to court is stupid and a waste of Police time and public money. Rosemarie O'Donnell must have one big chip on her shoulder to be offended by a Golliwog looking out of a window. Grow up woman and get a life. We should all have the freedom to display in our windows whatever we like - this is a child's toy and not an incitement to racial hatred. Rosemarie is wrong to take offence at someone's home, the window display is doing no harm to anyone.

Gail used to collect pigs and at one time she had a rather large collection with many on the window sill. What could have happened if one of our neighbours was a Muslim or a Jew and complained to the Police alleging religious hatred? Could the display of these pigs have been considered as offensive to vegetarians? Where do you draw the line between aggravated harassment and the rights of the individual to furnish their home? Simple, just apply common sense and understand that some people have a chip on their shoulder that they do not grow out of.
I think you will find the vast majority of black people have a chip on their shoulder
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