Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preaching to the converted.

Over on The Writers Guide to E-Publishing there is a very interesting post written by Mark called Don’t Be A Dinosaur. The Future Is Digital. As a fan of the Amazon Kindle this article is like preaching to the converted but Mark has written a very good post and I feel that he really has his finger on the pulse. The forecast for the traditional bookshop and the paperback is very bad. Their days are numbered and not helped by the way publishers work and the price they charge.

I support this independent self publishing e-book model where the author gets 70% of the sale price rather than 15% of a traditional publishers deal with a printed paperback. Also the copy can get to the reader within 5 days of the author finishing their work rather than up to 2 years for a paperback copy. If you are interested in this debate then it will be worth your while reading the whole article which also has 66 user comments.
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