Monday, September 19, 2011

Stephen is going off on his holidays.

Hello loyal readers of natural yogurt, Stephen is off on his holidays to the Resta Grand Resort hotel at Marsa Alam along the Red Sea in Egypt. I have not been to Egypt before, so this is a first. Gail and I are going with 4 friends who we mix with every week and have been on holiday with before.

I view holidays as a break away from normal workaday life and shall not be accessing the internet whilst I am away. Therefore I will be off-line until Thursday 6th October 2011 when I will resume blogging on whatever is getting on my goat that day.

I am looking forward to this holiday very much as I have not been abroad since June 2010 when we went to Tunisia.
Have a good holiday and take plenty of imodium as the Egyptian food/weather/water is very good for giving you the shits:-))
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