Friday, September 09, 2011

Twenty years.

Twenty years, that is two decades, where has the time gone? The past twenty years have flown past really quickly but today I had to present a card. Not just any card but a 20th Wedding Anniversary day card to my wife Gail.

We have come a long way in the past 20 years but in other ways it seems as though we have always been together. I think of my mates John and Tim in the West Country who have never married and it seems as though they live in another world. Living the single life in Bristol was very different to becoming a married man living in Cardiff with a ready made family. The dynamics of family life were quite a shock to me in the beginning but over time things developed and looking back now, it seems that Gail and I have always lived together.

Things changed when Gail's boys left home and we moved from Canton up to Ely. Gail's empty nest syndrome was lessened by our new pet dog Barney. Barney became our little boy who had a history that we both shared from when we bought him in Weston-super-Mare at 6 weeks old. Gail is in practice Barney's mum and she feeds him. I am Barney's dad and I take him for walks. The 3 of us live very happily in our own little world in Ely. Gail and I never had any children together but Barney is our little treasure who will never leave home to start a life of his own.

Many marriages fail for many different reasons and Gail and I feel very lucky. What is our secret? I simply do not know, I think it is just the way we live so happily together. We share a happy relaxed household and I feel that the change we both undertook when we married was not radical. I think we were both living similar lifestyles and upholding similar values, although we lived on different sides of the bridge.

We saw off David and Faye this evening as our next door neighbour Linda was walking past. I boasted to Linda that today was our 20th wedding anniversary. She laughed and declared that was nothing as she and Richard have been married for 43 years!

We never know what is around the corner but looking back over the last 20 years, it has been great.
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