Monday, October 24, 2011

5.1m viewers watch the last episode of Spooks .

It was the end of an era for drama on television last night as Spooks came to it's final episode. After 10 series, Spooks on BBC1 television has come to an end. This drama involving British intelligence officers working for MI5 has been sharp, witty, politically aware and very entertaining. It depicted intelligence staff working the grid with the latest technology and software. It showed just what a needle-in-the-haystack job our intelligence agencies have to do everyday. Spooks really had the edge on other television dramas and had been my favourite for a long time. I liked the earthiness of all the characters and how they worked so hard within a very difficult political structure.

The character who I most enjoyed watching was Ruth Evershed played by Nicola Walker.

I really felt for Ruth as she was a very dedicated intelligence officer but she missed out on so much of a normal life because of her job. Ruth put all her efforts into her work at MI5 and worked closely with her boss Harry Pearce. Over time Ruth fell in love with Harry but the dynamics of her work stopped them getting together outside of work. In the last series Ruth and Harry got even closer and last night there was talk of them both leaving MI5 and setting up home together. That would have made a very emotional and happy end to the series as I felt that Ruth and Harry, considering what they had both suffered over the years, truly deserved each other. Sadly Ruth was killed which left Harry with a very empty life, all he had left was his work. A work that he had been devoted to but had also left him very, very alone.

Nicola Walker is married to actor Barnaby Kay. The couple have a son Harry (born 2006), who is named after Harry Pearce, the character of her co-star Peter Firth in Spooks.

I was surprised that the 5.1m audience for Spooks was beaten by Downton Abbey, which gathered 8.9m viewers, as it went head to head with Spooks. Downton Abbey leaves me cold, I think it is old fashioned rubbish. It makes me cringe by how dated and naff it is. It is about as exciting as a visit to a museum. My mother thinks there are far too many characters in each episode. Gail watches Downton Abbey although it is not her favourite and she has a magazine on her lap at the same time.
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