Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook saves dog from further abuse .

I am not a fan of Facebook but this video has saved a dog in Grimsby from further abuse by it's owners. This video has caused quite a storm since it was posted on Facebook and a mob of at least 50 arrived at a house in Stanley Street, Grimsby to confront the owner. The occupant of the property – an adult male – was escorted out of the house by police at about 9.20pm and a dog was removed about ten minutes later.

The posting of this video has caused some criticism in that it could encourage vigilante action. However, as some commentators have voiced, the standard rate of response from the Police, the RSPCA and social services can be rather slow. Sometimes these allegations of abuse are not followed up because it is "only a dog" and we know there are more important issues further up the league tables.

I think the video taker was also brave in making his video public because he is clearly an adjacent neighbour to this appalling family. That stick could so easily have been swung at Michael and not the tormented dog. Well done for Michael having the guts to post his video of this thuggish family and cutting through the red tape and getting a quick solution for this poorly little family pet. Hopefully the dog can be re-homed into a more responsible family as there are plenty of decent people living in Grimsby and the surrounding area.
The dog owner was bailed on the condition that he leave the area altogether. I assume he chose to obey the ruling as they let him out. From what I can gather, he and his family were not native to the area. The neighbours had been having problems with the family for some time and whether the dog knew it or not, the punches it took helped the area immensely in the long run.
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