Saturday, October 29, 2011

Insert coin to open.

Quite often I have passengers who claim that the coach toilet door is locked. No, I assure them, the toilet door is not locked, you simply slide the door backwards. The toilet door on the current model of the Caetano Levante is a sliding door and this confuses passengers who try to pull or push the door open. These passengers who are fooled by a sliding door are amazed when I slide it easily and smoothly back as if by magic.

This complaint and demonstration happens quite often but yesterday it was radically different. The mature female passenger said that the toilet door would not open even though she had tried to insert her coin. What the devil was this woman on about inserting a coin?

I walked with her to the back of my coach and she pointed to the sign. The sign on the door clearly states "In emergency insert coin to open". She was not bothered about the first two words of "In emergency" she just wanted to insert a coin into the door lock and for the door to magically spring open. I explained to her that the sign meant that if someone was stuck inside the toilet you could insert a coin into the the groove on the lock bolt and turn it counter-clockwise to open the door. I then showed her it was not a coin operated door but a sliding one. Passengers are reluctant to read signs and information but this Granny played fair and read the sign on the toilet door. Bless her!
Granny might have eaten a vindaloo after drinking six pints of real ale the previous evening.

In which case her need to use the toilet was an emergency.

The emergency was the scandal that London Victoria Coach Station charges passengers to use the platform toilets yet the coaches are free of charge. This problem also occurs in Birmingham Coach Station and is why drivers hear about toilet complaints before they leave the stand at both stations. It is ridiculous that these stations charge passengers for toilets. Would you pay for a toilet in a pub or restaurant?
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