Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Lovers by Vendela Vida .

Yvonne, a 53 year old widow, goes on holiday to Datca in Turkey. With the title of The Lovers and a widow going on holiday on her own, you have the promise of a romance far from home. Yvonne rents a large house in Datca and when I read at location 156...

The third floor was smaller, with only a single bedroom and a balcony. On top of the bed, a piece of exercise equipment, complete with black straps and silver chains, had been laid out. Yvonne couldn’t identify its purpose.

...I thought this novel would turn out raunchy. This hope was increased at location 171...

From the couch, she couldn’t see anything outside the window—only her own reflection. A brunette woman with pale skin and dark eyes removing pits from her mouth. At first glance, she looked younger than her fifty-three years.

...and I thought that Yvonne may be in with the chance of some holiday action. Then at location 218...

She lay on the bed with the light on, staring at a hook in the ceiling, directly above the bed. It was an eyehook, the kind used to hang a plant. Who would want to hang a plant from there?

...I thought she would be in for some rumpy pumpy involving some S & M.

Well no, nothing sexy happened. The Lovers was a big disappointment. The story was half about Yvonne coping with Peter, her husband, being killed and her relationship with her son and daughter. It was also about the people she met in Turkey and it's culture. But the time line shifted back and forth, what happened in the past to the present day. The Lovers simply plodded along. This book is dull and very easy to put down. Vendela teases that something dramatic is going to happen but fails to deliver. All her characters are shallow and do not bite. There is nothing in this book to offend anyone or to get excited about. This story lacks attitude, is dreary and is a lazy book. I consider this book to be poor writing and am surprised that it was published in hardback. The Lovers fails and you wonder if Yvonne would wake up in the morning or quietly die in her sleep. Her description of rural Turkey is nice though. The ending was very short and no big deal.

I will vote this book the minimum of 1 star on Good Reads as it is a book to AVOID. I am glad that I only paid £0.99p for this Amazon Kindle ebook of 310 KB and was written in 2010. The price has now gone up to £5.10 - and shows how dynamic the Kindle ebook prices are, so keep checking the Amazon website for those ebooks you can risk a £1 for. As I have found out before, you can get some very good Kindle ebooks for just a £1 but clearly The Lovers was not one of them!
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