Friday, October 14, 2011

Mind your own business.

Yet more rubbish has been spoken by our democratically elected representatives. We voted representatives to govern our country, the nitty gritty things of government that supports the country's infrastructure etc. We did not elect a government to bully someone eating a packet of biscuits.

This newspaper article really annoyed me. Both parties are moaning on about what people eat and how the food and drink manufacturers run their business. Well I think the politicians should sod off and mind their own business. People should have the freedom to buy and eat whatever they want. Manufacturers should be able to produce whatever food and drink they want to sell. People should have choice and not be bullied by politicians. Nobody is force feeding these people, they chose what to put in their mouths. If they eat too much they will put on weight. That is their personal problem, not central governments or the manufacturers.

If a manufacturer was producing bad food or drink they would go bankrupt, the public will buy what they want. It is not the fault of the manufacturers that obesity rates are rising but the people who are over indulging. These obese people take the decision every day on how much to eat and drink. It is and always should be their choice and not the whim of politicians. I will NEVER dare to tell Gail what to eat or drink - her weight is her problem and not mine. She can tell you all about diets and calories but chooses each day what she will consume. I do not force feed her, she can feed herself and no nagging from MP's will change her.
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