Monday, October 17, 2011

We all do it!
Gail says that ladies don't do it. I say that everybody does it, including the Queen. No, I am not talking about walking in the woods!

And on tonight's hot gossip I give you a wonderful sound bite from Katy Perry,..

"I love coming to London so I can have baked beans on toast. They do bloat me and I'm afraid I'm going to go off like a firework, but I do love them.”

 ...Oh yes, Katy has fallen in love with baked beans. Her love for beans has even caused her to resort to giving her tummy a good old rub onstage at London’s O2 arena to ease the bloating.

"When I rub my belly it's not because I'm pregnant, it's 'cos of the beans on toast!"

I found this story funny but aimeel wrote on the Heat World website...

"what is gossip coming to, when you have to write a page about a celeb farting..."

...Still, I did not want people to think that natural yogurt was too serious or that I was always moaning about something!
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