Thursday, October 20, 2011

Would you recognize this man in the street?
Walking along any street in Britain today, you are fairly anonymous. You pass people and do not know them from Adam. Gail however is very observant and yesterday at the vets she said to me "Do you know who that is?". "No, I haven't a clue" was my reply. She insisted the guy was an actor who used to appear on Belonging . "Really, I didn't recognize him but you are good with faces" I replied. Looking it up on the internet today, Gail was right, the guy at the vets was William Thomas the Welsh actor who has played in many television programmes like Belonging, Gavin and Stacey and Torchwood.

So then, does anyone recognize the guy in the photograph above? For example, he said in an interview "People come to you in clubs and say, 'Can I come back to your house?' They find out where you're staying and knock on your hotel room door." Ever taken advantage? "I'm not really into groupies. I'd rather have electricity with someone rather than a random bird." Fame has him travelling everywhere with a security guard, and he still finds it "really awkward being recognised. I used to be a real bastard about it, but now I think, 'What would Jay-Z do?'"

Any answers? It seems rather odd that he needs a security guard travelling everywhere with him, I would not recognize him in the street. However, I would recognize his voice on the radio. He is Elliot Gleave, the singer called Example. He has a nice and distinctive singing voice but I would not recognize his face.
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