Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Terrorist 

We all enjoy watching videos on You Tube as it is just harmless voyeuristic fun. There is something for everyone and you would not think there would be anything for our Police forces to get their knickers in a twist over. All human life is shown on You Tube, some videos are very tame and some are for certain niche groups like FILTHY DIRTY BARE FEMALEFEET . These barefoot women have not upset our Police forces but British police authorities ordered the removal of 135 videos from YouTube in the first half of this year because of a perceived threat to national security, according to figures published by the video sharing website's owner Google. The US technology giant reported a 71% rise in content removal requests from the UK government or police, compared with the final half of 2010,

That is quite surprising that 135 videos have been removed for alleged security issues. I think the Police were just playing safe or simply safeguarding their jobs by worrying the public with the threat of terrorism. What is worrying is where we draw the line over censorship by the state. I think that internet users should have open access and freedom of expression and association. Once the Police start using these powers willy nilly, we can be on the road to a Police State. Anyone posting an alternative video could be considered a radical and treated as a criminal rather than someone with a particular hobby or interest. Bus spotters could be accused of being trainee terrorists who video our transport infrastructure for future attack. It is all a matter of where you draw the line with censorship of You Tube.
What I find most concerning is that Google just merely go "Oh, OK then" and remove the video.

Whatever happened to due process?
Yes, Google seem frightened of governments, look at their actions in China. Whenever a government complains Google seem to uphold it to protect their market share of internet searches and associated revenue.
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