Sunday, November 20, 2011

Don't call the wee-lassie obese. 

It is well known that increasing numbers of children in Scotland are becoming dangerously overweight. But NHS officials now insist that the word “obese” should not be used when staff speak to parents. Guidance aimed at health, education and social-care professionals also warns that even the term “overweight” should be used with caution. It suggests “unhealthy weight” is the most appropriate language.

Well that is daft guidance if you ask me. I think you should call a spade a spade and speak the truth. If the kid is obese, then the parents should be told their kid is obese. These parents have fed their kid into obesity and it is the job of health professionals, social workers and teachers to treat them professionally rather than lie to them about their porky little kids. Calling the kid having an “unhealthy weight” does not address the problem and makes it trivial. Dressing up the language is no excuse for the buying of bigger clothes for your obese kid. Some people are so guarded about causing offence that they are not doing their job but letting the parents live in fairy cake land.
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