Friday, November 04, 2011

I think I can choose myself thank you.

I had an email the other day...

Dear Customer, TalkTalk fully supports the Government’s recent recommendations to help protect children online. We believe in safe broadband, affordable for all, which is why we invested in creating HomeSafe™ - our unique, free, online security.

HomeSafe™ is the only UK online security to offer parental controls and virus alerts built into the TalkTalk network, which means it works on all PCs, laptops, smartphones and iPads connected to your TalkTalk broadband.

Activate HomeSafe™, our free online security, and not only can you stop your children accessing sites containing inappropriate adult content, but also help prevent distractions like online gaming and social networking.

Over 150,000 TalkTalk customers have activated HomeSafe™ already - blocking over 1 million undesirable web pages.

Now it’s your turn!

...Well no thank you. At 53 years of age I am sure that I can decide which websites are suitable for me to access. I do not want anyone censoring what I can access on the internet. I want to be free to access all the material on the internet and if I do not like a particular website, then I can close that browser tab and there is no harm done.

What is classed as inappropriate by one person is harmless fun to another. There are many, many distractions on the internet and it is the user who should decide where they wish to draw the line. Adults can set their own rules in their homes and bring up their children with proper parental guidance rather than have blanket restrictions imposed by their broadband service provider.

When we educate our children and find out for ourselves more about our world, where do you draw the line on disclosure? Do you make the information available no matter how culturally sensitive it is? Would the Talk Talk HomeSafe application allow you to view this document ? Aisha was born in Somalia and came to Britain when she was four. The family settled in Cardiff.

So, this is a local story and of public interest. Would the Talk Talk HomeSafe application stop you accessing the following public education websites, Daughters of Eve , Forward and Watch Over Me ? Probably and so continue to leave many people in ignorance of these practices that may involve your neighbours.

HomeSafe, no thank you, I will take that risk myself.
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