Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Jury is out.

Oh yes, the jury is out and not just in the Jacko trial.

Last night on ITV1 television saw the start of a new five part drama called The Jury . The website states...

Julie Walters stars as Emma Watts in this compelling, character-based series. The Jury focuses on the everyday people who find themselves at the centre of one of the most controversial criminal re-trials of their time.

...Well, I enjoy reading crime/thriller novels and when I read about this new television drama I hoped it would be right up my street. Gail and I looked forward to watching it last night with a view to recording the other 4 episodes.

What a disappointment this television programme was to watch. I thought it was rubbish, very slow and had no bite. The Jury was not thrilling, it had poor dialogue and had nothing to interest the viewer. It was simply dull and if it was a film we would have aborted it within the first 15 minutes. Because The Jury was scheduled to last 5 hours, we felt duty bound to give it a fair trial of 1 hour. Watching that hour was painfully slow and it did not pick up before the end.

At the end we had our vote. It could have gone 3 ways, that we both watched the other 4 episodes, that either one of us watched the rest with partner not bothering, or it was rubbish and we would not watch any more. The vote on The Jury was out and it was unanimous - RUBBISH, we will not watch another episode. The only thing we regret is waiting the full hour rather than switching it off at the first advertisement break.
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