Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kindle Daily Deal .

There is a new feature on the Amazon website called the Kindle Daily Deal. There are many ebooks available for the Kindle at a pound. Look around the Kindle part of the Amazon website and you will find them. You can spend many an hour browsing around the Kindle Store and it is very easy to wander off-track.

The Kindle Daily Deal is different. Click the link on the left hand sidebar for the Kindle Daily Deal. Every day just one book is offered, strictly from 00.00 hours to 23.59 hours. You can buy at that special reduced price only for one day, hence the name of Kindle Daily Deal. Amazon are banging out their chosen book for just 99p. That book may very often not be your cup of tea but you could broaden your horizons by checking each day you go online. And for just a pound you could be reading a book that you would not have considered at the regular price.

I am not interested in today's book called The Age of Instability: The Global Financial Crisis and What Comes Next by David Smith. This book was available as a Kindle ebook yesterday for £7.19 but until tonight at 23.59 hours you can download a copy for just 99p. I do not want this book but it is always worth a peek at the Kindle Daily Deal because you never know what gem you could download for just 99p.
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