Friday, December 23, 2011

Cowboys driving taxis in South Wales .

I have noticed for a long time now bad driving by taxi drivers in Cardiff. These taxi drivers are driving like cowboys, pulling out in front of traffic, making U turns, pulling in anywhere and blocking traffic and junctions. These cowboys are a disgrace to our city. I have often wondered with such poor driving standards, if the same cowboy attitude applies to their vehicles.

Well, South Wales Police Commercial Vehicle Unit, in conjunction with local authority Taxi Licensing Officers, have been conducting safety checks on taxis during the last fortnight to ensure vehicles are fit to escort passengers over the busy festive season. They stopped over 130 taxis and Chief Superintendent Cliff Filer, the Force Head of Specialist Operations said: “It is a cause for concern that 16 out of the 28 taxis stop-checked in Swansea city centre were issued with immediate prohibitions for having defective vehicles. These prohibitions ranged from defective lights, to defective tyres where cord and ply were exposed, and tread well below the legal limit." The checks in the Welsh cities included lights, tyres, first aid kits and fire extinguishers, and the drivers authenticated by checking their licence badges.

In Cardiff, 23 drivers were issued with deferred suspensions, requiring them to make prompt repairs to defects on their vehicles. 22 verbal warnings were also issued, including warnings for drivers who failed to appropriately display their identification.

So this just shows what a bunch of cowboys some taxi drivers are in South Wales. Their attitude to driving is reflected in their lack of concern over safety and vehicle maintenance.
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