Thursday, December 29, 2011

A glance in the supermarket .

It was like a scene from the movies this morning. I was shopping with my wife Gail in Morrisons down at Cardiff Bay. We were discussing the merits of buying a trifle, was it worth the extra and should we go for the sherry or the strawberry. I looked closely at the refrigerator and turned back to offer my wife an opinion. I leaned towards her to whisper that I thought the extra 50p was worth it and that we should go for the sherry.

Only problem was that Gail had moved away with her trolley to be replaced by another woman. My mind was focused on the trifles and I was not aware of Gail's departure. Our faces got closer when I suddenly realised that the woman I was going to whisper to was not Gail but some stranger innocently doing her shopping in the store. The woman laughed and quickly realised my mistake. She took this in good heart and joked to Gail that I was blushing because she thought I was going to kiss her. I was amazed at the swift change of position by these 2 women.

After this mystery shopper was out of earshot I explained to Gail that she was lucky because quite often in supermarkets I pat Gail on her bottom. Along another aisle Gail and I met this mystery woman again and we got chatting about biscuits. We had a nice friendly chat, compared notes, smiled and continued our shopping.

Back at home we had a laugh about the incident as we discussed it with Mam and Dad. Gail thought the woman was in her 40's but I claimed she was in her 50's and was clearly flirting with me. Gail spotted she was not wearing a wedding ring and I admitted she was rather chatty for a fellow shopper. I felt like a star in a romantic comedy. Of course, if I had have patted her on the bottom things may have turned out differently.
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